Caspary GmbH & Co. KG (Germany); Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Caspary (Managing Director)

Beviale Moscow is a good platform in the heart of Russia to exchange with experts on beer related topics.

Thanks to the always-helpful support of NürnbergMesse the organization and preparations went brilliantly.

PETnology/tecPET GmbH (Germany); Barbara Appel (Managing Director)

Beviale Moscow for us means a great event as it is a good basis to exploit the Russian and Eastern European market for beverage production, bottling and packaging. The quantity of attendees as well as their professional quality has developed positively. The organization both before and during the exhibition is highly professional and efficient. We see great potential for the future development of Beviale Moscow.

PALI s.r.o. (Czech Republic); Jiri Kroupa (Director)

At Beviale Moscow we have the opportunity to meet our existing and also new clients from Russia and other eastern countries at Beviale Moscow.

Sarmatec (Romania); Marius Campean (Project Management / Sales)

We take part in Beviale Moscow because we want to expand our presence on the Russian market. Beviale Moscow is a good opportunity to meet our existing customers and also decision makers from potential clients.

GBO Group / Parmatec (Italy); Marina Arshinova (Project Manager)

We take part in Beviale Moscow because it is a great chance to meet with the clients and discuss some new projects.

Rastal GmbH & Co. KG (Germany); Georg Zolnowski (Area Sales Manager Rastal)

For us Beviale Moscow is a great event as it developed to a real hotspot for the Russian brewery industry. There is no other meeting point in Russia that unites this growing market better. For us it is the ideal platform to get in touch with young local Craft-Brewers who bring new momentum to the Russian beverage scene.

Hamilton Bonaduz AG (Switzerland); Knut Georgy (Senior Market Segment Manager)

We participate in Beviale Moscow because it is best opportunity to meet local professionals from the industry in a comfortable atmosphere. Since customer service has high priority for us not even Moscow’s freezing temperatures stop us from going to Beviale Moscow.

AB Vickers LALLEMAND UK LIMITED - Lallemand Brewing (Great Britain); Jan Nevelos

We took part in Beviale Moscow already the second time and always enjoyed great days with plenty of visitors.

NELDEN INDUSTRY SRL (Italy); Marco Fagioli (General Manager)

Beviale Moscow is a good exhibition for us, because it was an interesting fair, with a lot of visitors from a lot of small beverage producers. Overall it exceeded our expectations.

Micro Matic S.A. (Danmark); Elmar Lentz (Sales Manager)

We participate in Beviale Moscow as it is an opportunity for us to present our products and innovations to all major customers on the Russian market and to intensify our connection to them.


Pentair Food & Beverage (Netherlands); Anastasia Kravchenko (Administrative Manager)

We take part in Beviale Moscow because we search new clients and maintain our contacts with existing ones here. Beviale Moscow for this is a good exhibition since almost all large companies go here to expand partnerships and introduce new products and services.

VP Trading GmbH (Germany); Vitali Pushkarevich (Geschäftsführer)

We take part of the Beviale Moscow because we search new clients and want to establish ourselves more on the Russian market. This year it was a good exhibition with more visitors than the last few years.

Joh. Barth & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG (Germany); Paul Judt (Sales Manager Eastern Europe)

Beviale Moscow for us means a great event as it is an opportunity for straight communication, skillful conversations and an appropriate self-representation. Nowhere else than at a trade fair can you communicate directly with customers and interested parties so that a detailed and profound exchange of information on the presents products and services becomes possible. Specific questions and requests of customer can be answered directly on site by our qualified advisors and specialists. The personal relationship based on trust between business partners is a value what shouldn’t be underestimated.

Cask Brewing Systems (Canada); Ryan O’Connor (Director of Sales)

This was our first time exhibiting at this show and we found the response to be better than we even hoped. It was an excellent opportunity to meet up with our existing customers as well as discuss options for our up and coming business partners. Overall, we are very pleased with the show and look forward to the growth in this area.

Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH (Germany); Willi Dyck (Area Sales Manager)

The exhibition was a good place for professionals and the best way to maintain our existing contacts as well as to establish new ones.

NOMAS (Russia); Galina Kireeva (Marketing Manager)

We take part in the Beviale Moscow exhibition not for the first time and once again, we are convinced in the successful event. The number of visitors of both the exhibition and our stand is very high. The efforts of the organizers to hold the event did not go unnoticed either. We are very pleased with the choice of the pavilion and its location in terms of logistics. We will definitely take part in the Beviale Moscow next year!

Baltic Malt Company (Russia); Yulia Bondarenko (Analyst Manager)

Our company is a regular participant of Beviale Moscow. The exhibition met its expectations, an excellent platform for communicating with regular customers and meeting new potential clients. Thank you for the useful and interesting exhibition, special thanks to the organizers. We are planning to participate in 2019!

Schulz Brewery (Russia); Alexandra Storozhenko (Marketing Manager)

Our company took part in Beviale Moscow for the first time and we would like to point out that the event was excellent: the organization at the highest level, which of course all members of our company are happy with. A large number of potential customers visited our stand, with whom negotiations and meetings were held directly on the site of the exhibition, the organizers were very helpful in working with clients and organizing the exhibition. We will definitely take part next year!

Via Plast (Russia); Alexander Gerasimenko (Manager of foreign economic actievities)

We took part in the Beviale Moscow 2018 for the first time! Despite the fact that the exhibition is very young, its content has very high quality. Noticeable is the maximum concentration of representatives of the beverage industry. The Beviale Moscow platform has become a great place to work with potential clients - negotiations and meetings.

TD Ventar (Russia); Irina Konovalova

We take part in the exhibition not the first time. Every year we are satisfied with its conduct and this time is no exception. Organization at the highest level, there were held a lot of meetings with both regular customers and potential clients. A large stream of visitors, we did not even manage to have dinner. We will definitely take part in the next year!


Milesta (Russia); Lev Stashinov (General Director)

We participate in the exhibition Beviale Moscow for the first time and did not expect such a success.
There was very much interest in the products of our company from the customers. A large number of meetings and negotiations were held during the exhibition. We feel a big contribution of organizers to make the show as successful as it is. We are planning to participate next year!

Fachverlag Hans Carl GmbH (BRAUWELT) (Germany); Michael Schmitt (Managing Director)

We take part of the Beviale Moscow because it has developed into a meeting point for the new russian beer culture. The interaction of exhibitors, presentations, beer tastings and national beer competition makes an interesting and attractive mix for the trade visitors.

ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH (Germany); Florian Schneider (Head of Sales EMEA)

We take part of the Beviale Moscow because not least through the supporting program, such as the award ceremony of Barley-Malt Russia, the Craft Beer Corner and especially the VLB conference, a very interesting and interested audience of brewers, brewmasters and brewery owners visited the exhibition.





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